Welcome to Blue Ocean Aquariums!

Your premiere destination for Designer Clownfish! We specialize in captive bred Regular to Designer Clownfish, and only sell the highest quality specimens, with outstanding marking and vibrant color for the aquarium hobby. 

Our selection of Clownfish will be sold either in pairs or a single fish. We will provide what you see is what you get  (WYSIWYG) and Pre-Orders  to provide the best combination of Clownfish for hobbyist to proudly display in their aquariums. At the moment we will be carrying a select number of fish, but as we grow with your support we will be carrying a larger stock. 

By helping Blue Ocean Aquariums to succeed, you are contributing to a 100% US based breeder, who uses part of the funds to support aquaculture research to minimize the impact of our coral reefs!


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My Mission Is:
To provide highly desired and popular Designer Clownfish at a reasonable price without hurting your wallets!
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